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A non exhaustive list of written software

Wyvern - Vulkan demonstration

(GitHub repository) khronos.org/vulkan/

The software uses the Vulkan 1.1 specification. Worlds are crafted with Basilisk. In-game, only the basic movement mechanics are implemented (moving forward and looking left and right).

Makefile intervention is required on systems running non-Linux operating systems.

Helpful resources: Vulkan 1.1 specification PDF (5.5MB) Vulkan subreddit "Vulkan Tutorial", Alexander Overvoorde.

Warg /Sköll & Mánagarmr/

(GitHub repository)

Sköll is the modified Lua library, utilised by the Mánagarmr software.

Mánagarmr is an RTS game. Control the army and help them survive for as long as possible... or don't. Written in C, the code itself is very straightforward and simple to follow.


(GitHub repository)

Software for creating map files to be used by Wyvern software. The software is reminiscent of old CAD tools and video game level editors.

Iso - RPG

(GitHub repository)

The software uses OpenGL3.3+ standard. All the GLSL shaders are "baked in" the source code. Everything is kept very simple, which is shown by the written code.


(GitHub repository)

Translate textual files into a web page. Syntax is similar to Markup, but not the same. CSS configuration is done by changing the header file found in the sound code.

This very page is an output of Hydra.

Small programs

Tentomon, software simillar to hexdump(1). Prints the hexadecimal value of the bytes found in the file. Output format can be changed by passing the appropriate flags.

Grovyle, unlimited register machine simulator. The programs are loaded from the disk and, if the appropriate flag is passed, the user can walk the program step-by-step or run the whole program unattended.

The segment about video game modifications /architecture/


Doom Adventure (or DoomADV) consists of a hub map where the player chooses the level he wants to play. Each level has certain challenges to overcome. The goal of each level is to collect specific key items that grant the player the ability to unlock more levels in the hub world.

Think of Super Mario 64 except it's not sunshine and rainbows.

(Doom Adventure screenshot)


Beautiful sunny day in a flowering desert environment (there are plants everywhere).

(Sand dot wad screenshot)

HexDM (good name)

At a start of the world, summon an allied Centaur (Kentaur in the mod, unmodified definition (GitHub permalink)). Console variable (CVar) server int kentaur_ally defines if the Centaur is actually an ally, this variable can be changed in real-time by the server.

(YouTube link)

(HexDM screenshot)

List of really good games

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