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Web server forked from Pico. A very barebones server software, only answers to GET requests. All files to serve are loaded at start of the program, if any file changes the server has to be restarted for changes to take effect.

Changes from the forked repository include: all servicable web pages or other data is loaded when the program starts, close (2) called in the main thread instead of the child, uses write (2) instead of printf (3), ignores certain User-Agents, rearchitected the source code in one file...

Download latest version from GitHub.


Program for downloading and playing DooM WAD files from provided FTP/HTTP mirrors. This program is written as a POSIX compliant shell script. Requires either notify-send, kdialog or zenity for notification when starting DooM (may stall if no daemon is catching sent messages).

Contains, challenge yourself by letting the machine choose an unbeaten WAD for you to play! After DooM is closed the player is asked if the WAD is beaten or not. Tracking is done on a single file that can be easily altered (one line per beaten WAD).

Download latest version.

All versions: dlwad1.tar.gz dlwad0.tar.gz


Canvas for WebGL programs. Quickly prototype GL shaders.

Hosted on ./sb.html

Serious Sam


[powered by OpenBSD] FTP server, username "ftp", no password.
Last edit - 11th January 2021.